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Book Edge Printing

Andromeda ForeEdge™ is a powerful Adobe InDesign CC 2018 plug-in that uses a unique process of smearing image slices to simulate traditional fore-edge effects on the edges of books. Start with a JPEG file containing text, pictures, or any art you can imagine, and Andromeda ForeEdge™ will place it on the edge of your book. You can place the same image on both sides of each sheet of your book, or choose a different image for each side of the page. If you choose the latter you’ll see one image pop when you fan the book one way, and the other image pop when you fan the book the other way. Wrap one wide single image around all three book edges (bottom, outer, and top), or choose 3 separate images, 1 for each edge. The software gives it’s user the flexibility to choose to decorate all three edges of the book or just one. Now the book’s cover and edges can merge to give wider design options.

Key Features:

  • Start with JPEG file(s) containing any subject matter (text, illustration, photograph, texture, pattern, etc…).

  • Controls allow for adjustment of paper thickness, bleed amounts, effect locations, and which pages to decorate.

  • Wrap a single image around all three edges of the book or use three separate images (one for each edge).

  • Place the same image on both sides of each page, or different images on each side of each page. The latter shows one image when the book is fanned one way, and the other image when it’s fanned the other way.

  • Decide whether the effect is placed on left pages only, right pages only, or BOTH right and left pages.

  • A robust Help page provides explanations and details on how each control works.

System Requirements

  • Mac or Windows Adobe InDesign CC 2018

  • Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CC (a downloadable app – available through your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and desktop app)

  • Adobe Integrated Runtime (Adobe AIR), available FREE via:

Click to see enlarged before and after of effects
CrestsPersonalized YearbookWrap Around Book Edge

$50 for 30 Day License
$95 for 60 Day License
$140 for 90 Day License
$550 for 1 Year License



For help using the ForeEdge user interface click here.

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