Subject Matter Expertise

OS/Programming Languages/Data Base:

Mac OS/X, Windows, Windows Servers, Apache, C, C++, Javascript, Java, Flash, Other Scripting Languages (XML, CGI, Perl, Python, PHP etc.), mySQL.

Desktop Pre-Press Applications:

  • Multi-Platform User Interface Development
  • Graphics Manipulation and Transformation
  • File Format and Resolution Conversion
  • Image Conversion, Manipulation and Special Effects
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • RGB/CMYK/PDF Workflows and color conversion
  • Adobe Host Product Plug-Ins: Photoshop, InDesign, PageMaker
  • Scripting (XML) Applications

Online Pre-Press Applications (Browser Based):

Client Side Applications:

  • Page Layout
  • Text and Image Placement
  • Text Composition and Image Editing
  • Assets (Images, Templates) Library
  • User Roles and Priviledges Arbitration
  • Multiple Image Uploading
  • PDF Screen Proofing

Server Side Applications:

  • Data Base Deployment
  • Asset (image) Loading
  • High Resolution, RGB/PDF Output
  • Job Administration
  • Integrity/Auditing/Statistics
  • Data Safekeeping (Archiving, Back-up)

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