EtchTone Photoshop Plug-in

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EtchTone Plug-In v3

Continuous tone art.

Andromeda has developed a unique process for simulating the look of a steel etch starting with gray⁄color photograph or illustration.

Key Features:

  • Start with grayscale, RGB, or CMYK photograph or illustration
  • Controls to adjust amount of steel etch in your original image
  • Controls to adjust original image sharpness, brightness, contrast
  • Controls to vary the mix of original image and the etch pattern
  • Helper text identfies controls that are moused over

Preview the EtchTone Manual PDF (3.4 MB)

EtchToneEtchTone combines an etch pattern (black and white) with the original image to create an “EtchTone”, a continuous tone screen that results in a classic old printing look that softens the harshness of solid black and white line screens.

Depending upon the EtchTone effect desired, the plug–in will either Overlay the etch or Blend the etch in your continuous tone image. 

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