StippleArt Photoshop Plug-in

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NEW StippleArt Plug-In v2.0

Transform your photos with StippleArt.

StippleArtThe New StippleArt Plug-In is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in which converts gray scale and color images into formal stipple art or artistic dot patterns. The result, a pure black and white stipple drawing or an artistic color dot interpretation.

Preview the StippleArt Manual PDF (2.9 MB)

StippleArt features include:

  • Outputs pure black and white stipple dots for high res screening effects.
  • Use color and grayscale dots for digital pointillist effects with blended color dots.
  • Apply and arrange stipple dots in a grid or randomize the dot patterns.
  • Choose from a scale of small to large dot sizes.
  • Contains an editable library of creative dot shapes.
  • Visual factory preset Library and create and save your own.
  • Edit dot movement or contour dots to define edges and differences in tone.
  • Invert dot patterns for artistic special effects.

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