Shadow Photoshop Plug-In – Shadow Effects


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Shadow Plug-In v3.0

Real three-d shadowing.

Andromeda’s Shadow Plug-In is the most advanced shadowing plug-in available. It’s uniqueness is in using 3-D geometry to cast realistic shadows. A shadow of your input image is imposed on a Casting Plane that can then be manipulated in 3-D space behind or in front of the Input Image. Individual cameras, light sources, and both expert and novice modes allow for complete creative control over any image shadow.

Shadow Full of features, the Shadow Plug-In user interface gives you everything you need, right at your fingertips. Novice mode allows anyone to easily apply breathtaking drop shadows to images while Expert mode opens up expanded tools to tweak shadows exactly how you want them. The preset library loads a number of different shadow effects that show off the full capabilities of Andromeda’s Shadow Plug-In.

Preview the Shadow Manual PDF (3.2 MB)

Key Features:

  • Perspective Shadows with a Virtual Camera
  • Stereo 3-D Viewing
  • Multiple Shadowing with up to Four Movable Lights
  • Natural Soft Edges and Blurring
  • Drop and Cast Shadows Imposed on Movable Planes
  • Real 3-D Shadowing
  • Novice and Expert Modes

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